Schoolwide Learning Expectations


Based on the stated philosophy and goals of St. Augustine School, we affirm and hold true that a student who completes the prescribed course of study exhibits the following characteristics.

A St. Augustine School Graduate is:

An active member of their faith community, who

  1. demonstrates Gospel values and knowledge of the Catholic faith;
  2. volunteers their time and talents to support the needs of the parish and Civic communities;
  3. prays for the needs of the school, parish, and global community.

A competent, self-motivated learner, who

  1. implements basic skills;
  2. demonstrates initiative by working independently;
  3. communicates effectively.

A resourceful, critical thinker, who

  1. capably assesses and devises an appropriate plan to solve problems;
  2. applies available current technologies to implement a plan of action;
  3. evaluates the plan for effectiveness.

An enlightened, productive member of society, who

  1. shows empathy, care and concern for others;
  2. makes responsible choices and is accountable for their actions
  3. demonstrates respect and reverence for all.