The SAS Ambassador Program is inclusive and the expectation is that every child can learn and reflect our core values. At a young age, students are empowered to represent the SAS Learning Community inside the classroom, at school and outside in the larger community. Our Ambassador Program includes events and projects ranging from environmental stewardship to support for the local food bank on campus, from a student-led Candlelight Rosary Procession for the parish to organizing a Pet Adoption Day on the Feast Day of St. Francis. Our Social Justice projects have drawn attention from local businesses and organizations, who are in turn motivated to collaborate with our young Ambassadors. This is where our students’ leadership and innovation meets the road.


The Ambassador program empowers students, teachers, parents and community leaders to work together for a better world. SAS students are expected to participate in collaborative community service learning projects. This social justice element connects what students learn in the classroom with real life, faith-filled problem solving and application.


SAS has multiple sports teams at various levels: boys football, volleyball, basketball, and track and field, and girls volleyball, basketball, and track and field. SAS participates in two athletic leagues: CYO and FIYA.


A strong fine arts program consists of both visual and performing arts. Students experience regularly scheduled instruction in music and art with multiple opportunities to advance in choir, Hawaiian dance, painting, piano and guitar, school performances and competitions. Instruction in the classroom is supplemented by the docent-led program “Gateway to Art”.



Young Entrepreneurs
Students will learn basic entrepreneurship for social or commercial projects/ideas. The initial course will culminate in developing an innovative solution to a social justice issue or develop a unique idea for commercial use. This is an ideal opportunity for young innovators!

Performing Arts
Students will learn basic stage blocking, interpretive skills, at times with vocal and/or dance elements. The class’ goal is to perform at either a community or school event.


Using Lifetouch’s “Webease” digital tools, students will learn about visual communication, graphic design, publishing and collaboration. The course culminates in a published yearbook.

World Languages
In 2014, Spanish was introduced to all students from Early Childhood to Junior High School. In the upper grades, students are also able to select Introduction to Arabic and Introduction to French, among other electives. We believe that linguistic navigation skills foster intercultural competency, among other 21st Century skills.

Students will experience an introduction to the Arabic language & culture of the Middle East. Basic fundamentals such as reading, speaking and writing will be taught. Students who choose a World Language will be given the opportunity to stay in this elective all year.

This is a basic class for students to begin learning the French language and about the culture of France. The focus will be on correct pronunciation, conversational dialogue, vocabulary, basics that will result in reading comprehension and the ability to respond in French. Technology will also be used to enhance learning opportunities. Students who choose a World Language will be given the opportunity to stay in this elective all year.

All students from Early Childhood to Junior High School are introduced to Spanish language. Several times a week, students learn both basic and advanced language skills that are developmentally appropriate.

Music Production
Students will learn the basics of sequencing, recording and composition with computers. The work is done on digital audio workstations (DAW). This experience allows students to create short musical compositions with samples and acoustic recordings in various styles.

SAS values the gifts and talents that our students share with passion. When students excel in certain areas of strength, we encourage them to measure their success against themselves and others. For the past years, SAS students have participated and won numerous competitions in essay writing contests, the St. Monica Learning Fair and Notre Dame Academy Songfest, Story Telling Contest and Spelling Bees. Science fairs and visual arts competitions have produced remarkable work by our young learners. Every students is encouraged to challenge themselves with the nurturing support of our professional team of educators.


Before School Care
Supervision in the school yard begins at 7:00 a.m. and goes to 7:45 a.m., when morning prayers and assembly begin.

After School Care (ASC)
SAS provides ASC from the ending of the school day until 6 p.m. A team of supervisors and mentors guide the students through activities in the Learning Center from 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Families have the option of daily use of ASC or as needed and are charged accordingly by the hour, day or month

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